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How's My Driving?

Please post here with constructive criticism, compliments, ideas, plots, or whatever in regards to Sookie Stackhouse. Comments are screened, so feel free to say what you like.

You may also contact me through e-mail or AIM (found in my profile).


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Permissions Post

Just what it sounds like! Sookie is telepathic, and unless she's really focusing, she generally picks up on stray thoughts and emotions. In-game, this would boil down to her picking up on things that are only stated as third-person narrative.

In her canon, she can't read the minds of vampires at all, and only gets general emotions from other supernatural beings. Would Sookie be able to read your character's mind? Are there things you don't want her picking up on?

Comments are screened, so just let me know here. Thanks!

Canon Update information!

Sookie's recently been updated to the end of season three of True Blood. Here's what happened - spoilers below the cut.

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