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Canon Update information!

Sookie's recently been updated to the end of season three of True Blood. Here's what happened - spoilers below the cut.

- Bill went missing!
- Sookie was put with a werewolf named Alcide from Mississippi to find him!
- She put on a slutty biker disguise and went to a bar called Lou Pine's!
- Alcide's crazy ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, threatened to kill her!
- Turns out he'd been kidnapped (sort of) by Russel Edgington, the King of Mississippi, but had defected over to him!
- Bill had literally head-turning sex with his maker, Lorena, then called Sookie and broke up with her!
- Also her bff Tara had been kidnapped by a psychopathic vampire named Franklin (also in Edgington's employ) and was in Jackson too!
- After Bill tried to stake Edgington in Sookie's defense, he was tortured in a barn by Lorena!
- Eric appears to be a double agent for Edgington and makes Sookie talk to him!
- Tara saves the day, and she, Alcide, and Sookie rescue Bill, stake Lorena, and go back to Bon Temps!
- But then Bill tries to eat Sookie because he'd been starved of blood, and he can walk in the sunlight after taking her blood!
- In the hospital, it turns out Sookie doesn't have a blood type, and her body rejects Type O-blood!
- While she's comatose, she winds up in Bon Temps' graveyard with a bunch of people dancing around, but when she mentions vampires, they all run away!
- Bill revives her with a huge heaping helping of his blood!
- Sookie meets her cousin Hadley's child and finds out he's telepathic too! This is awkward because Hadley is the Queen of Louisiana's lesbian lover and doesn't want Hunter to get involved with vampires!
- Sookie also finds out she's part fairy!
- After returning to Bon Temps, she decides that the smart thing to do is go bother Eric in Shreveport instead of staying the hell away from vampires! Turns out Eric's staked Edgington's lover, Talbot, and Edgington's gone batshit insane! (He also carries Talbot around in a candy jar! This will be important later.)
- Eric and Sookie kiss a lot and it's super hot!
- Eric lures Edgington to Shreveport with the promise of fairy blood (which grants vampires the ability to walk in the sun without dying!) and after they drink up of Sookie (and Bill does nothing to stop them!), Eric cuffs himself to Edgington so they'll both die!
- For whatever stupid reason, Sookie saves them and brings them back into Fangtasia! She then dumps Talbot down the garbage disposal.
- After leaving Fangtasia, Bill appears and tells Sookie that Edgington is gone and buried under concrete - and so is Eric!
- Of course, then Eric reappears, covered in concrete, and tells Sookie that Bill only was interested in her because Sophie-Anne, the Queen, wanted a fairy to drink from!
- Sookie kicks them both right the fuck out and then goes to her gran's grave to figure things out, when Claudine appears and invites her to fairyland!

...and all of this happens in a week! Phew!


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